Finals Weekend - 6 & 7 October
Competition was intense over the when all the finals of the club Association and Golf croquet competitions took place Saturday morning started in light rain when the finals of the Gordon’s Goblet competition for doubles was held. There were husband and wife being on opposing teams, Jill Turner playing with Pamela Mugliston versus John Richardson and Roger Turner, the gentlemen winning the competition in the deciding third game and 13th final deciding hoop by which time the rain had become a downpour.
Meanwhile on lawn two Peter Balchin and Craig Winfield competed in the finals for the Advanced Association players. Craig Winfield winning out with a triple peel. His second win of this trophy as he was last  year's winner.
In the afternoon, still in a downpour, Peter Balchin and Tim Walder carried on regardless, competing until the final hoop in the last 13th hoop of the third game for the Potter's Pot golf singles, Peter being the winner
On Sunday the more fortunate players enjoyed a bright sunny day and Adrian Seabrook beat Henry Addison-Atkinson 14 - 10 for the Roger Ivill trophy.
On lawns two and three the golf players took part in a singles competition for the President’s Plate. This is a new competition for those that had been eliminated the first round of Potter's Pot. It was played as a group Maureen Goodchild, Jim Potter and Brenda Cassidy. Maureen Goodchild had a outright win as she was the victor of all her games
The final event of the weekend saw two association players competing closely for the Dennis Saville trophy, Adrian Seabrook and Bernard Yallop, Adrian being the winner - his second trophy of the weekend.

Adrian Seabrook receives the Dennis Saville trophy from Dennis Saville

Maureen Goodchild hands the President's Plate to John Gordon

Jill and Roger Turner, Pamela Mugliston and John Richardson the finalists in the golf pairs competition

Francis Lambert passes the Gordon's Goblet to  Roger Turner and John Richardson for winnig the golf pairs competition

Peter Balchin receives the trophy for the winner of the Potter's Pot singles golf competition

Craig Winfield receives the trophy for the winner of the Advanced Association tournament from Francis Lambert
Adrian Seabrook receives the Roger Ivill trophy from Maureen Goodchild

EACF Golf Handicap League
- Saturday 29 September - played on a lovely sunny day.  It was a close match with Hunstanton the winner by 10 - 8 against Northampton Mallets.

EACF Level Play League

Friday 24th August - Letchworth Kites v Newport Harriers away - a loss of  5 to 2 (118 hoops to 93)
The weather remained dry for the matches but soon changed just as play ended. The players all enjoyed the day with some close matches but would have preferred a better score overall. The key to Letchworth success was their ability to clear our balls close to the hoops from a long distance away. They all play AC and are more practiced in this aspect of the game than ourselves.

EACF Handicap League Central Area

Friday 21 August -  Newport Elms at home to Enfield West - a win of 13 games to 5 (120 hoops to 99)
In this remarkable match Newport began by winning the two doubles games. Out of the 16 singles games nine had to go to a deciding 13th hoop of which Newport won five and Enfield four. Then of the remaining nine games Newport won eight. The Final score was a win to Newport of 13 games to 5 but the most unusual aspect to the match was the high number of hoops played – 138 in all. Newport won most of the singles in the morning but eased back in the afternoon. The match was played in a friendly spirit despite Enfield experiencing a lot of frustration.  Enfield were last year's runners-up in the league.  

The Newport players were Peter Cowper, Roger Turner, John Richardson, Adrian Seabrook,
Enfield team were Andrew Parr, Alan Bateman, David Hill and Desmond Taylor.
John Sibson officiated.

Strawberry Tea - Sunday 22 July

24 players enjoyed an afternoon of social play and a lovely spread of tea of cakes and strawberries.  Once again the afternoon was hot and the lawns parched but nevertheless it was a very happy occasion.

Golf Croquet 'C' Class Tournament 29 July 2018

The match was played on a wet and windy day so the lawns were still brown. However it had rained two days before so the grass was just starting to show through again in places making the run uneven. The players were all from Newport except one visitor from Norwich. One player failed to turn up so Ernie Turkentine called on Tim Walder and Clive Cassidy to fill the gap at the last moment. Two sets of players competed in a 5 match group with several games going to a 13th hoop decider. The winners were two of the players newest to competition. Their final deciding match was one of the closest with this also going to a deciding hoop and their game also being played in wind and rain. Henry Addison-Atkinson and runner-up Steve McCann were congratulated by the other players.  Ernie Turkentine officiated.
   Ready to resume play after lunch: Pat Marks, Steve Tarrant from Norwich, Colin Taylor, Anne Taylor, Glenys Walder, Helen Manley (Jnr), Brenda Cassidy, Henry Addison-Atkinson, Steve McCann
 Ernie works while others have lunch  Henry receives his prize from Roy while Steve looks on

 'B' Class Tournament 22 July 2018
10 players took part, four from outside clubs - Enfield and Norwich.  As can be seen from the photographs the weather continued very hot and the lawns were still in desperate need for rain.  However, the play was competitive with some matches going to a final golden hoop.  Play was divided into two groups of five with with the winners of each - Tim Walder and Roy - Darling competing for the prize, Tim coming out the winner, a win for the second year running.
Competition under way
Awaiting the next match

Consulting the organiser - Ernie Turkentine  

The Finalists - Roy Darling and Tim Walder The winner - Tim Walder being congratulated by Maureen Goodchild

Results of league matches EACF Handicap League Central Area

Elms v Letchworth Blue Tuesday - 17 July Newport Elms

The two doubles games away at Letchworth resulted in a win for each team. This was followed by a win of 10 singles games to 6 for the Elms. (112 hoops to 82)

Sally Carr, Adrian Seabrook, Kern Roberts, Tim Walder

Tuesday 10 July - Newport Oaks played at home to Enfield West
A loss of  games 6. to 11 (88 hoops to 103 )

Friday 22 June 2018 - Newport Oaks played Enfield West away
A loss of  games 2 games to 16. ( 64 hoops to 123 )

Oaks v Letchworth Red - Monday 18 June
At Letchworth Sports Club Newport Oaks croquet team enjoyed and warm and friendly day of competition in perfect weather.  The downside to this was their disappointment at losing 12 games to 6. (92 hoops to 99)

Newport Elms v Meldreth - Thursday 14th June 

On a very windy day the Elms played an away game against Meldreth. In difficult conditions with the wind affecting both balls and mallets Newport got off to a slow start losing the doubles and the first singles matches, but as conditions improved they caught up to draw the match 5 games all, however Meldreth were the winners by 58 hoops to 60The team was Ernie Turkington (Captain), Colin Carr and Peter Cowper
Monday 4 June - away - Enfield East beat Newport Elms 10 games to 8 (101 hoops to 89)
The away match at Enfield East was played under cloudy conditions but luckily no rain - using just two of their three lawns. The Newport team was made up of the following members: Tim Walder (Capt), Peter Cowper, John Richardson, Glenys Walder. John Richardson stepped in to make up the Elms team numbers and played his first handicap league match. Newport Elms started well by winning both doubles matches 4-7 and 6-7. The following 16 singles matches, where each team member plays 4 separate matches with each of the opposite team members was a mixed bag of results. Newport lost the singles matches 10-6 but three of the singles matches were timed out with two being drawn and one win for Enfield.

Tim Walder, Peter Cowper, John Richardson, Glenys Walder

Friday 25th May - home - Meldreth beat Newport Oaks 11 games to 7 (117 to 88)

Oaks v Elms  4 May 2018 Oaks beat Elms 13 - 5

EACF level play league

Harriers v Enfield North - Friday 3 August
The Harriers enjoyed a successful day against Enfield North in the EACF Level Play B class on Friday 3 August. Successful not because they won – which they didn’t – but because all four members of the Enfield team had lower handicaps (3 – 5) than Harriers (7 – 9) and yet we had some very close matches. In the doubles David Manley and Colin Taylor won 2 – 1 (two of the matches going to the ‘golden hoop’) while Helen Manley (7) beat her opponent (5) in two straight games. At the lunch break Harriers were leading 2 – 1 in matches (50 – 43 hoops). In the afternoon singles Anne Taylor did well with her handicap of 9 to go down only 4 – 7 and 5 – 7 to her opponent with a handicap of 5. David and Helen Manley each lost their matches 2 – 0, but in the final match with the score 1 – 1 the Enfield player gave in to the heat and conceded the deciding game to Colin Taylor. As a result Harriers lost 3 – 4 overall (87 -98 hoops).

Tuesday 2 March - Hawks v Letchworth Falcons
This level play match was conducted in scorching heat. It was an extremely close fought match with many games going to 6-7 as a result of a final deciding  "Golden " hoop.  Newport lost eventually by 3-4 matches

 Friday 22 June - Newport Harriers played Letchworth Falcons at home to Newport resulting in a loss of 5 to 2

4 May 2018 Harriers beat Hawks 4 games to 3 (106 hoops to 99)


The golf croquet competitive season started with two teams from Newport playing each other in two matches - the handicap and B level competitions.  Oaks beat the Elms by 13 to 5 but the B level match was a much closer affair decided when the Hawks accidentally peeled an opposition Harriers' ball through the 'golden hoop'. Harriers were thus the winners by 4 games to 3


Hawks and Harriers are pictured in front of the new shelter generously donated by club member Jim Potter  - Fran Lambert, Tim Ham, John Tapscott, David Manley, Helen Manley, Maureen Goodchild, Roy Darling and Tim Walder

Association Croquet

The AC Level Advanced Weekend Tournament held on Saturday 16 June and
Sunday 17 June was won by James Brind, and it included two defeats of Gary
Bennett (zero handicap). After four rounds there were four players on
three wins out of four games, with no clear leader. To produce a winner
after the next round it was agreed to play the four players on a two round
knock-out basis. That was accepted as a great idea and so James came
through with a victory over Anthony (who he had lost to earlier) and a
second victory over Gary. A really deserving victor, and a handicap now
down to 2.

Newport Open Weekend for advanced players - Cornelius Trophy 19 & 20 May 2018
Mark Avery won the Newport Open Weekend, defeating Nick Mounfield in a best-of-2 final. He thus retains the Donald Cornelius trophy.
A full complement of fifteen players gathered, including three Cambridge University Croquet Club  members who play at Newport .  Handicaps were spread from -2 to 3.5, and there were quite a few close games. The lawns were nicely quick, with interesting patches. 16 out of 47 games were decided by Triple Peels - Avery had 6, the Lineseses 3 each.
It was an agreeable weekend with excellent weather, a good pub meal, and friendly company.  Full results can be seen at

Essex and Suffolk League
Colchester beat Newport 3-4

Other Happenings

Open Day Sunday 13 May 2018
Despite the forecast rain, the day turned out fair and member and visitors enjoyed themselves. Three new players have joined the club.

Start of season soup lunch 28 March 2018
Rain prevented play on the official first day of the croquet season for the club.  Despite the weather the traditional start of season soup lunch was enjoyed by 32 members who had a choice of homemade soups.  Although the event was marred by the weather the event made a profit for the club and the members look forward to another busy season of internal club matches and league matches as well as social games.